Challenges for Businesses

Sonecon provides analysis and advice to help corporations build and execute their business strategies, for example:
  • Helped U.S. companies that want India to upgrade its patent protections by analyzing the benefits to India's economy of its government doing so. We met with Indian officials to explain the findings, which also were widely cited by the ITC, PhRMA, and in U.S. and Indian media.
  • Analyzed the potential damage to electrical utilities and the power grid posed by certain catastrophic events, to help utilities and their regulators better evaluate investments to recover from such events.
  • Investigated the extent and effects of naked short sales, which corporations used to prepare their responses to large-scale naked short sales.
  • Supported a Danish telecom’s effort to receive payments owed by the Polish government by analyzing the impact on foreign direct investment if Poland refused to honor its contract with that company.
  • Helped a financial institution holding defaulted Argentine sovereign bonds by analyzing the impact of Argentina's refusal to repay on U.S. taxpayers and investors, so they could secure U.S. government support for their efforts to obtain repayments.
  • Produced an influential study of the dimensions of a future market for generic or "follow-on" versions of biologic medical treatments, widely cited in industry and financial market discussions of these issues.
  • Worked with a major insurer to refine its global business strategy by analyzing the factors driving international rate increases for life insurance coverage.

Industry Sector Outlook

Sonecon provides analysis and advice regarding the composition, impact and outlook of particular industries, for example:
  • Analyzed the impact of American software companies on U.S. growth, wages, jobs and investment.
  • Analyzed and assessed the impact of intellectual property and intangible assets on the operations of the American economy.
  • Analyzed the ownership of the U.S. oil and natural gas companies and showed that middle-class households dominate their ownership, findings cited widely in media and congressional testimony.
  • Analyzed the impact on jobs of a U.S. aircraft maker receiving a major Pentagon contact, compared to a European-based company receiving that contract.
  • Analyzed the impact on auto and homeowner insurance rates and coverage of U.S. capital requirements, compared to European capital requirements.
  • Assessed the impact of grants by private and community foundations across 13 broad subject areas.

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

Sonecon provides statistical and econometric analyses and advice for legal teams pursuing complex litigation, including pre-trial consultation and expert testimony, for example:
  • Helped a telecommunications company pursue a major merger by analyzing its impact on prices and competition, findings submitted to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. (The merger was approved.)
  • Supported a major online retailer in litigation with two financial institutions over their role in facilitating large-scale naked short sales of the retailer’s stock. Sonecon analyzed the patterns of trading in the stock, demonstrated how their transactions depressed the company's share prices, and calculated the damages.
  • Helped two leading technology companies in their suits over large-scale naked short sales, analyzing the patterns of trading, demonstrating how those trades depressed the company's share price, and calculated the damages.

Financial Markets Operations

Sonecon provides analysis and advice on issues and problems related to the operations of equity, bond, futures and derivative markets, for example:
  • Analyzed the economic advantages of electronic platforms for equity trading, compared to auction markets, and assessed the implications for Nasdaq and NYSE.
  • Determined the economic costs of Argentina’s failure to resolve the controversy over defaulted Argentine debt, including the impact of U.S. stocks with major Argentine operations.
  • Demonstrated that normal market forces could not account for certain sustained movements in the natural gas futures market, leading to inquiries regarding possible market manipulation.
  • Analyzed the impact of shifting part of the U.S. Treasury’s long-term bond portfolio to Treasury Inflation Protected (TIP) securities.
  • Showed the adverse economic impact of the FDIC extending its temporarily-expanded coverage for deposits applied during the financial crisis.

Emerging Industries Impact

Sonecon provides analysis and advice regarding the special economic challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of new IT, Internet and biologic-based industries, for example:
  • Analyzed the impact of information and communications technology (ICT) companies on U.S. growth, wages and jobs.
  • Assessed the impact of expanded “build-out” requirements for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on broadband access by minority populations.
  • Analyzed the impact of restrictive rules for spectrum auctions on the efficiency of Internet services.
  • Reviewed the impact of Title II regulation of ISPs on future broadband infrastructure investment and the efficiency of Internet services.
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