Economic and Regulatory Policies

Sonecon provides analysis and advice that helps businesses, non-profit organizations and policymakers navigate changes in economic and regulatory policy, for example:
  • Analyzed the basis for interchange fees on debit cards and the benefits to U.S. consumers and businesses of lower fees. (Congress passed legislation directing the Federal Reserve to reform the fees.)
  • Evaluated the global market in paper products and the impact of new trade restrictions on certain paper imports for U.S. consumers and businesses, and for U.S. paper producers.
  • Investigated the economic (and strategic) implications of a proposed program for U.S. assistance to provide new U.S. medical treatments to Egypt.
  • Studied the impact of securities regulation of short sales on the stability of U.S. equity markets.
  • Analyzed the impact of New York City public school reforms on graduation rates and incomes.
  • Examined the impact of crime reduction programs on municipal budgets and local housing values.
  • Helped two major reinsurance companies design a public education strategy by analyzing the impact of proposed federal regulatory changes on the markets for insurance and reinsurance for natural disasters.

Economic Impact of Tax Provisions

Sonecon provides analysis and advice that helps businesses and policymakers assess the economic effects of tax changes, for example:
  • Assessed the value of ending or retaining a major corporate tax preference.
  • Analyzed the impact of a temporary reduction in the tax rate for repatriated foreign-source profits on U.S. employment and business investment.
  • Estimated the revenue cost of temporarily reducing the tax rate on repatriated foreign-source profits.
  • Projected the impact of a windfall-profits tax on the returns of pension and retirement account holders.
  • Analyzed and assessed the benefits of the current taxation of real estate investment trusts to demonstrate eliminating the double taxation of business profits.

Environmental Regulation and Climate Change

Sonecon provides analysis and advice regarding the most economically efficient ways of advancing environmental quality, for example:
  • Analyzed and assessed the environmental effects of increasing Americans’ use of public transportation.
  • Examined the relative costs and benefits of various approaches to climate policy, including cap-and-trade, carbon-based taxes, EPA regulation and investment incentives.
  • Analyzed and assessed the impact on employment and growth of a revenue-neutral carbon tax to reduce the risks of climate change.
  • Evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of the California cap-and-trade system, compared to a carbon-based tax system.
  • Assessed the environmental results of the European cap-and-trade system.

Crisis in Income Growth and Inequality

Sonecon provides analysis and advice about the emerging issues of income growth and inequality, for example:
  • Analyzed the impact of globalization on U.S. job creation and incomes.
  • Examined the impact of new technologies on U.S. job creation and incomes.
  • Assessed the path of U.S. job creation and documented the slowdown in job creation, relative to economic growth rates.
  • Applied new economic techniques to track the path of household incomes over time, as those heading households have aged, altogether and disaggregated, by gender, race, ethnicity and educational level.

Deterring Cyber Attacks

Sonecon advises clients on a wide range of cybersecurity issues, for example:
  • Proposed new ways to strengthen deterrence of cyber-attacks by improving grid resilience, and thereby, facilitate "deterrence by denial."
  • Advanced new policy options to accelerate the restoration of power following advanced, large-scale cyber attacks, and limit the threats such attacks will pose to public health and safety.
  • Helped the National Association of Regulated Utility Commissioners and State Public Utility Commissioners develop metrics to assess the resilience of electric utilities and establish frameworks to evaluate the prudence and cost effectiveness of investments against cyber-attack.
  • Analyzed the threats posed by "zero-day exploits" and other sophisticated cyber weapons to U.S. and foreign infrastructure and networks and proposed U.S. and international policies to address such threats, including the use of the Safety Act to incentivize software companies to produce more secure products.
  • Examined gaps in the existing legal framework for prosecuting foreign cyber-terrorists who attack U.S. critical infrastructure, and how Congress and the Justice Department could extend the reach of U.S. law to cover these attackers.

Security Against Insider Threats

Sonecon’s deep security expertise is widely recognized and sought after by both government and private industry, for example:
  • Helped the Secretary of Defense with the Independent Review of the Washington Navy Yard Shootings, which provided far-reaching recommendations to strengthen the security clearance system and build additional protections against insider threats.

Western Hemisphere Security Policy

Direct involvement at the highest levels, and responsibility for some of America’s top security issues, means Sonecon experts bring demonstrated experience and know-how to the advice we offer our clients. For example:
  • Analyzes opportunities to assist Central American nations to strengthen their border security operations by deploying advanced sensor technology and systems integration capabilities.
  • Developed recommendations on how the United States can create “border security in depth,” and use the National Guard to help partner nations on Mexico’s southern border counter the flow of illicit trafficking long before it reaches American soil.
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