Understanding the Economy, Security,
and How Public Policies Affect Them

December 9, 2016:

Rob Shapiro on Trump's choice of Fast Food CEO for Secretary of Labor


The Hill
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan's Plan to Put Foreign Investors First
The "Border Adjustment Tax" (BAT) endorsed recently by President Trump is his administration's first foray into international economics. It is an inauspicious start . . .   read more . . .
The Washington Post
Republicans' Obamacare replacement would cut $337 billion from the budget. Here's who'd pay for it
By Max Ehrenfreund March 13, 2017
Republicans' Obamacare replacement plan would cut spending by $1.2 trillion over the coming decade and save the government $337 billion, according to an analysis released Monday . . .   read more . . .
The Washington Post
Reality check: Many of Trump's early vows will probably never happen
No one can accuse Donald Trump of campaigning in poetry. But after just one week in the White House, the new president is bumping up against the hard reality of governing in prose. . .   read more . . .
Business Insider
This is not a roster that says 'the economy is rigged': Meet the economic leadership team Trump is building
By Bob Bryan and Allan Smith December 2, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump appointed three of his top economic Cabinet members this week, selecting people who hold traditional Republican economic values. . .   read more . . .
Boston Globe
Has the American economy hit a turning point
Middle-class Americans finally got a raise in 2015. And it was a big one. After years of glacial economic growth and stagnant wages, median household income jumped. . .   read more . . .
DHS urged to update preparations for multiple cyberattacks
By Peter Behr July 9
The United States is inadequately prepared for simultaneous, large-scale cyberattacks on more than one of its critical infrastructure sectors, advisers to the Department of Homeland Security warn. ,   read more . . .
Christian Science Monitor
Greek crisis reveals new face of the IMF as supporter of debt relief
The mission of the International Monetary Fund is essentially to dole out a financial version of tough love for nations in economic trouble. But the crisis in Greece is revealing a new face to the IMF,   read more . . .
Congressional Quarterly
CQ&A: Why Cyber Attacks Keep Happening, and What Can Be Done to Prevent Them
By Ryan Lucas June 5
The Obama administration said Thursday that a massive cyber attack, apparently conducted by China-based hackers, managed to penetrate government computer systems and access the data of up to 4 million federal employees. The attack compromised information from the Office of Personnel Management, which handles   read more . . .
The Washington Post
Does the U.S. Postal Service have an unfair competitive advantage?
By Josh Hicks March 27
Special treatment from federal, state and local governments has given the U.S. Postal Service an unfair advantage over private-sector competitors such as the United Parcel Service and FedEx, according to an economic analysis released this week   read more . . .
American taxpayers give an $18 billion gift to the post office every year
A new analysis explains just how much the USPS benefits from the subsidies it receives from the federal government.   read more . . .
November 8, 2015
Paul Stockton on security clearance problems on CBS 60 Minutes
November 8, 2015
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January 26, 2015
The Greek Election and Pull-Back from Austerity
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